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  • Behind Govt. College, Kasrawad, M.P.



what constructs a well-structured teaching module ? An effective pedagogy. Pedagogy is the science of teaching or education. At Shree Gurukul, our pedagogy focuses on 'how' teaching and learning occure . We use a array of teaching strategies that include direct instruction, collaborative learning and Inquiry based learning. Ultimately, we aim to blend consistency and variety in teaching methods by combining established learning the theories with innovative practices and programmes, all of which help students to improve their learning outcomes and achieve their full potential .


Shree Gurukul takes special care of physical health, games and sports activities by providing the indoore & Outdoor infra structural facilities and coaches for athletics, badminton, basketball, cricket, table tennis, volleyball, yoga & chess

Music and Dance

School offers training in contemporary dance, western jazz and tap dances, as well as Indian dance forms, based on student's requirements. Similarly children have access to music classes whic include the privilege of being taught by experts in that field.

Art and Craft

We offer art as therapy to increase children's self esteem, self confidence and independence . By Watching and studying art, student's creative impulses may begin to flow .

Computer and IT Enable Rooms

The school provides compute aided learning to all students. Labs are well equipped with the latest generation of computers. Smart Boards have been provided in classrooms to enhance the quality of teachinh and learing .


School has a well-stocked library that includes periodicals, journals, magazines, newsletters, fictions, reference books and encyclopedia. School also enusres reading of certain number of books every year.


To enhance the learing abilities and skills and impart practical exposure about theoretical concepts, the school has modern Science and Mathematics Laboratories .